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 Beautiful Souls,

Amara is a wellness advocate within the Charlotte NC area. She has many different specialties within the health and wellness industry.  Over the years she has found that her true passion is being a wholistic wellness coach for women. She is a certified 300 hour yoga instructor and movement specialist with a variety of specific healing movement modalities. Yoga therapy is her specialty. She first began her journey in the wellness industry as a personal trainer for 9+ years, later after having children, she began to find a love and passion for combining the aspects of fitness, with the flow of yoga to create a mind and body practice that fully connects to awakening more of self. Her methods of teaching tap into being spiritually inclined and physically healthy.


 Amara uses a wide spectrum of healing modalities within each session to promote overall- wellbeing.


Some of her offerings include Yoga Therapy,  Postpartum Care, community wellness experiences, workshops, and hosting spiritual retreats.  


Amara takes pride in making sure her clients are not just doing a series of poses but really diving deep within the roots of self-using multiple healing modalities within each session.


 If you were to book a session with her, prepare for a transformative practice that not only assist in the forever journey of healing, but also becoming more spiritually aligned with your true authentic self.


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Let us begin your journey today....